Clerk's Department

Barbara A. Campbell, Clerk

The Clerk is elected every four years at the time of the Presidential Election and serves as a voting member of the Township Board. The Clerk is the official custodian of Township records, books and documents such as oaths, bonds, ordinances, and resolutions and is responsible for producing and keeping minutes for the Township Board of Trustees.

The Clerk administers all elections in the Township, oversees election activities, and maintains the voter registration files. and is the official coordinator of Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests. 

The Clerk's department provides Notary Public Service at no charge to Township residents and business owners.

For more information and services provided by the Clerk's Department, please contact the Clerk or the Deputy Clerk.

Barbara A Campbell, Clerk
(989) 754-6536, ext 2312

Thamar Ballard, Deputy Clerk
(989) 754-6536, ext 2309

1160 South Outer Drive
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 754-6536